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SHOULD I PLAN TO GRADUATE EARLY MY SENIOR YEAR?  Students, particularly those, who are college-bound, can profit considerably from the additional semester of preparation.  Early graduation may be a good option for those students who plan to begin their studies in college immediately.  On the other hand, being out of school early would not be advisable for most students.  Some students graduate mid-year to enter the labor market full time.  In all cases preparation and plans for the future should be carefully considered.

HOW IMPORTANT IS GRADE POINT?  Although the grade point average is one of the criteria used for college admission, a factor or equal importance is taking the proper courses to gain the background required for your chosen major.

HOW IMPORTANT ARE TEST SCORES?  You will have the opportunity to take a variety of interest inventories and ability tests while in high school.  A primary purpose of all of the inventories and tests is to provide information, which can help you clarify and evaluate your interests and abilities.  This information can help you make appropriate educational and career choices.

WHEN SHOULD I BEGIN SELECTING A TRADE/TECHNICAL SCHOOL OR COLLEGE?  Selection of a trade school, technical school, or college can be difficult process.  Part of this process is identifying the criteria important to you in selecting an institution of higher learning.  Cost, location, size, and course offerings are factors which should be considered in you decision.  Obviously, the more time you spend in the selection process, the more likely your selection will meet the criteria important to you.  Your school counselor will be able to suggest career planning aids and will be able to help you with the post-secondary planning process.

SHOULD I PLAN MY CLASSES SO I CAN HAVE AN EASY SENIOR YEAR?  One thing students should avoid if at all possible is minimum preparation for future plans.  Since most students have more credits than required for graduation “easing off” can be attractive during the senior year.  Students should continually strive to meet or surpass the preparation of those against whom they will be competing.  Regardless of future plans, carrying a full student class load during the senior year is highly advisable.  In some cases, this may save time and money later.

HOW CAN I SEE MY HIGH SCHOOL RECORDS?  Two sets of records are kept on all students.  A permanent record containing strictly objective information is housed in the school counseling department.  A cumulative folder containing similar information is kept in the student’s school counselor’s office.  Either of these may be examined by appointment by either the students or their parents or guardians during the regular school hours.

WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE I HAVE EARNED ALL OF THE REQUIREMENTS FOR GRADUATION?  Since the requirements for graduation are explicitly stated in the registration and book, it is the student’s and his/her parent’s responsibilities to see those graduation requirements are met.  The school counselor, however, can work closely with students in planning their high school programs to best prepare them for their future plans.  Take the initiative to see your school counselor often each year.

WHEN SHOULD I BEGIN VISITING WITH COLLEGE REPRESENTATIVES?  Representatives from most Iowa colleges and many out-of-state colleges visit our high school each year.  Visiting with these representatives can be helpful in selecting a college.  If possible, you should visit with some of the college representatives prior to your senior year.  You may be excused from a class to visit with a college representative if you have a pass from your school counselor.

HOW DO I FIND OUT ABOUT SCHOLARSHIPS AND FINANCIAL AID FOR FURTHER EDUCATION?  Information about scholarships and financial aid opportunities are available from your school counselor.

SHOULD I BECOME INVOLVED WITH SCHOOL ACTIVITIES?   Involvement in school activities can be both educational and enjoyable.  Some of the activities include:  debate, speech, drama, athletics, music, and journalism.  Participation in activities may help you gain experience in one of your interest areas and, at the same time, you will receive enjoyment from accomplishing something with your friends.

HOW DO I KNOW IF I AM ACADEMICALLY ELIGIBLE TO PARTICIPATE IN  EXTRACURRICULAR INTERSCHOLASTIC COMPETITION?  Fort Dodge Senior High School eligibility is determined in accordance with the Iowa Department of Education “NO PASS NO PLAY” legislation.  A student must receive passing grades in all courses to remain eligible.  During a student’s freshman year at FDSH, the “No Pass No Play” policy is in effect for all activities in which a student chooses to participate.  Also, students must be considered full-time students (enrolled in at least 4 classes) to be eligible.  For detailed information regarding the eligibility policy, contact Mr. Matt Elsbecker, Athletic and Activities Director.

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