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INTRODUCTION TO CAREER & TECHNICAL EDUCATION (CTE) - 1 CREDIT - 9  This is an introductory course to Career and Technical Education. Students would be provided an opportunity to experience the CTE programs offered at FDSH and how the course sequence aligns with various career clusters. CTE programs at FDSH include Business and Marketing, Family and Consumer Science, Health Occupations and Industrial Technology. Students will be exposed to career opportunities that are available within the career clusters and the education and training needed.

COOKING ESSENTIALS - 1 CREDIT - 9, 10, 11, 12  - Want to learn new culinary skills, brush up on your cooking techniques, or start at the very beginning in the kitchen? Well you’ve found the right place! Cooking Essentials is designed to get you on your culinary feet by providing basic food and technique advice for a life time of use. So what’s a day in the life of Cooking Essentials like? This course utilizes a variety of content exposures and TONS of hands-on lab experiences. You will learn how to prepare simple and delicious food like a chef. Topics covered include: basic cooking techniques, equipment, knife skills, ingredient recognition, and bakery basics. Emphasis is placed on food preparation, kitchen and time management, and the relationship of diet to health.                                                                                                                                                                            

INTRODUCTION TO CULINARY - 1 CREDIT - 9, 10, 11, 12  Prerequisite: Cooking Essentials   - Do you have a passion for food and want to expand your abilities in the kitchen?  Do you see yourself as a culinary professional?  Well consider Introduction to Culinary Arts for your next class! Introduction to Culinary provides an opportunity for the students with minimal food preparation experience, but with an interest in food, to learn professional culinary techniques and principles. This course introduces students into the world of professional cooking; students will become acquainted with the best practices in all phases of the culinary industry. Students will be introduced to culinary terminology, practices, and culinary history with a special emphasis on food science and service operations. Through integrated classroom and hands-on kitchen experiences, the student will be prepared to perform at an entry- level in the industry.

CULINARY ARTS II - 1 CREDIT - 9, 10, 11, 12  Prerequisite: Introduction to Culinary  - Did Cooking Essentials and Introduction to Culinary leave you hungry for a new culinary adventure? Well do we have the class for you! Culinary Arts II is designed to take the novice chef to the next level.  Topics include breakfast foods, sandwiches, salads, garnishing, desserts, and baked goods. Students will also spend a considerable amount of time examining and preparing global cuisines including food from the Americas, Europe, Mediterranean, Middle East, and Asia.

CLOTHING I - 1 CREDIT - 9, 10, 11, 12  - Clothing is an introduction course into the world of fashion.  The students learn the basics in fashion design along with creating eye please garments. The 2nd half of the course the students focus on construction and learn the basic skills to operate at home sewing machines.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT - 1 CREDIT - 9, 10, 11, 12  - Child Development is a course with emphasis placed on learning about physical, social, emotional and intellectual development of children from conception to preschool age. Decision-making and planning for responsible parenthood is emphasized. This is a course for those interested in careers in medicine, teaching, childcare, social work, psychology, and recreation.

CHILD DEVELOPMENT II - 2 CREDITS - 10, 11, 12  Prerequisite: Child Development  - Child Development 2 is a hands-on class which will help prepare for a career in early childhood education. It teaches practical techniques to guide children through a variety of daily experiences in safe, educational ways. You will be in the classroom half the time and be a “teacher” at Early Childhood Education sites around Fort Dodge, the other half of the time. During your classroom work you will be developing lesson plans to use at your site.

ADULT LIVING - 1 CREDIT - 11, 12  - Helps prepare students for the “real world” by focusing on practical life issues facing adults.  These issues include self-exploration, falling in love, mate selection, family, money management, career choices, attending college, and communication skills.  Current issues, topics and trends of society today are explored as well.

HOUSING AND HOME INTERIORS - 1 CREDIT - 10, 11, 12  - Housing and Home Interiors will provide practical knowledge for those who intend to manage their own home someday or for those who intend to enter the housing field in interior design, architecture, and other related fields.  Interpreting and evaluating floor plans, variety of housing options, renting vs. buying homes, selecting and arranging furniture, and the selection of colors and textures for rooms are some of the topics explored in this class.

MONEY MANAGEMENT - 1 CREDIT - 9, 10  - Students enrolled in this course will learn how to make money and keep it.  This class will teach you what you need to know about spending money wisely, banking, saving, investing, and using credit.  The class will also educate students in regards to responsible uses of credit, and saving and investing for a lifetime.  This class will be useful for any student who wants to be in charge of their own financial well-being.

TEEN LIVING - 1 CREDIT - 9  - Teen Living is a course designed to prepare students for the personal, family, academic, and social challenges of the high school years.  Emphasis is placed on exploring self-management skills that will enable students to become successful high school students.  Some of these include decision making, goal setting, problem solving, and communication.  Additional topics explored are relationships, dating, sexuality, and drugs and alcohol.

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION - 2 CREDITS (BLOCKED FOR 2 PERIODS)  - 11, 12  - This course is designed to provide high school students with the opportunity to work with learners in the community under the supervision of teaching professionals. It teaches students skills useful for careers as educators, as well as, community leaders. Emphasis is on the teacher’s role, the preferred learning environment, and appropriate learning content for meeting individual differences and cultural diversities of young children. The program brings together many segments of the community including administrators, educators, students of various levels, and other professionals involved in education.

EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION INDEPENDENT STUDY - 1 CREDIT - 11, 12  An opportunity for students to advance his/her study in Early Childhood Education. This is an independent study course requiring students to have taken and shown proficiency in Child Development, Child Development II and Early Childhood Education. Teacher, school counselor and principal approval are required. A contract of course requirements will be written between the teacher and student. 

FCS INDEPENDENT STUDIES - 1 CREDIT - 11, 12  - An opportunity for students advance study in any course in the Family Consumer Sciences area. This is an independent study course requiring students to have taken the prerequisite classes. Proficiency must have been demonstrated by the student in the FCS area of choice.  Teacher, school counselor, and principal approval are required.  A contract of course requirements will be written between the teacher and student.

ICCC INTRO TO HOSPITALITY (HCM-608) (1st semester only) - 1 HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT AND 3 SEMESTER HOURS COLLEGE CREDIT - 11, 12  - Course offers a detailed look at restaurant and institutional food service operations, hotel and motel management, travel, tourism and international hospitality. Students will learn to better evaluate career opportunities, learn the level of quality and service necessary in an ever-changing industry.

ICCC FOOD PREPARATION (HCM-292/298) - 2 HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS AND 5 SEMESTER HOURS COLLEGE CREDIT  - 11, 12  - Food preparation offers instruction in the Fundamentals of basic cooking skills, use of equipment, kitchen safety and basic recipes that are the foundation for all culinary learning. 

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