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Job Opportunities

  • Students will be required to watch the Orientation Video prior to starting course work for the first time.
  • The passing threshold for Quizzes and Tests will be set at 70%.  Students will automatically move forward when they have reached the passing threshold.  Students may be moved forward at the discretion of a teacher, counselor, or administrator once they have re-taken the same assessment multiple times if they have received a score above 60%.
  • Students will be allowed three attempts for each quiz to reach the automatic passing threshold.  Once the student has unsuccessfully taken a given quiz three times, the corresponding “Direct Instruction” will be reset, requiring the student to view the lecture content again before being granted additional quiz attempts.
  • Tests and Cumulative Exams will be locked and only unlocked for students when they are supervised by school personnel.
  • Students wishing to take a required course on-line as part of their regular education curriculum at Senior High must have previously unsuccessfully taken the same course in the classroom setting or received administrative approval to do so.
  • Students receiving administrative approval to take a required course prior to taking the course in the classroom setting will be required to work through the entire course curriculum (prescriptive and pre-testing features will be turned off.)
  • Students may be assigned to the Study Hall to work on E2020 for eligibility purposes for only one period.  Regardless of how many E2020 courses the student works on during that period, they will still be required to attend three additional traditional classes to satisfy the enrollment criteria for eligibility. The student wishing to meet eligibility requirements in this manner must complete at least one E2020 course by semester’s end.  The student must continue to attend the Student Achievement Center and make academic progress for the entire semester regardless of how quickly the E2020 course is finished.
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