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ADVANCED STUDIES IN LEADERSHIP - 1 CREDIT - 10, 11, 12   Prerequisite: Analyzing Leadership Styles or Instructor Approval  - Advanced Studies in Leadership is a course designed to strengthen students’ personal and group leadership skills. This is intended for students involved in groups as well as those wishing to seek involvement in leadership roles. Students will develop personalized leadership philosophies, keys to structuring an organization, theories of what motivates humans, management skills, and group dynamics.  It will be expected for students to read key leadership books, write a variety of pieces, and be prepared to create and perform multi-digital and oral presentations.  Students will also complete a service project that will directly involve the community and the school district in a productive way. 

ANALYZING LEADERSHIP STYLES - 1 CREDIT - 9, 10, 11, 12  - The main objective of this course is to improve character and leadership traits by developing critical thinking, building basic skills, emphasizing positive changes in attitude and promoting essential components of character and leadership.  To accomplish this objective: (1) students will complete readings about one positive role model each week, (2) successful community leaders will speak to the class about their achievements, failures and life-lessons, (3) the instructor will utilize various forms of pop-culture to demonstrate core components of character trait and (4) students will be given different opportunities to apply the concepts of the course to their personal lives, academic competencies and future goals.  

A considerable amount of time will be spent teaching character traits, including but not limited to respect, responsibility, tolerance, honesty, integrity, perseverance, courage, self-control and appreciation.  Students will discuss their own personal values, beliefs and attitudes. This course enables students to reflect on their own personal experiences, development, background and ethics while respecting the viewpoint of others. 

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