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A major focus of the mathematics program is to provide opportunities to develop problem solving and thinking skills.  Studies have shown that students who do not take a mathematics course all four years of high school are more likely to drop out of their post-secondary school. The program is based on a sequential flow of courses.  These courses are progressively challenging in order to provide learning experiences that will enable students to reach their full potential.

Students are expected to successfully complete prerequisites before proceeding forward through the sequence.  The math department recommends that a student earning less than a C- in one of the sequential courses should consider repeating that course rather than attempting the next course.

It is recommended that all students attending post-high school education take a mathematics course all four years of high school. These classes should include: Algebra II, Trigonometry, and a Probability and Statistics course.

ALGEBRA I - 2 CREDITS - 9, 10, 11, 12  NCAA APPROVED  - Algebra I teaches the skills and concepts necessary to complete all other math courses at the high school and college level.  The course covers the Iowa Core set of essential skills and concepts starting with a review of the basic algebra tools such as: number properties, solving and rewriting equations and inequalities, order of operations, exponents, linear functions, and graphing on the coordinate plane.  Topics covered include problem solving using linear equations, radicals, polynomials, quadratic functions, solving systems of equations, functions, rational expressions, transformations, statistics, and probability.

GEOMETRY - 2 CREDITS - 9, 10, 11, 12  NCAA APPROVED  Prerequisite: Algebra I   - Topics covered relate to the Iowa Core Curriculum include transformations, geometric figures and their measurements, area, volume, and construction. Introduction to writing proofs, using similarity, right triangles, and trigonometry as well as continued use of algebra skills are included. A compass and protractor will be used, and a calculator is required.

ALGEBRA II - 2 CREDITS - 9, 10, 11, 12  NCAA APPROVED  Prerequisite:  Geometry  - Algebra II extends the work learned in Algebra and Geometry courses and covers the advanced topics in the Iowa Core. Topics addressed are sequences and recursion, solving equations and inequalities, polynomials, powers and radicals, factoring, problem solving, exponential, logarithms and trigonometry. A graphing calculator is required.  Graphing calculators will be available for students to check out for the duration of the class.

TOPICS OF MATHEMATICS - 1 or 2 CREDITS - 11, 12  Prerequisite: Geometry  - This course is intended for college-bound students that do not intend to take Pre-Calculus and students who are not college bound that need a sixth credit.  Many of the Iowa Core Essential Concepts and Skills will be reinforced.  Topics covered include discrete mathematics, matrix logic, problem-solving strategies, review of Algebra skills, organizing information, special visualization, basic trigonometry, and basic probability and statistics. A scientific calculator will be required.

PRE-CALCULUS MATHEMATICS - 2 CREDITS - 10, 11, 12  NCAA APPROVED  Prerequisite: Algebra II - Pre-Calculus Mathematics will prepare students for college mathematics and science courses.  The three main areas discussed are analytical geometry, functions, and trigonometry.  A graphing calculator is required. This course is recommended for any student planning to go into one of the STEM fields.

PROBABILITY AND STATISTICS - 1 CREDITS - 9, 10, 11, 12  NCAA APPROVED  Prerequisite:  Algebra I    - Probability and Statistics will emphasize methods for analyzing and making inferences about data.  Other topics covered are: permutations, combinations, probability, sampling techniques, and correlations.  The majority of the Iowa Core Curriculum statistics standards are addresses in this course.  It is recommended that all students attending post-high school education take Probability and Statistics or ICCC Statistics I.

TECHNICAL MATHEMATICS - 1 CREDIT - 11, 12  Prerequisite: Geometry  - Technical Mathematics is an applied mathematics course designed to prepare students for the technical courses in the Applied Sciences.  Students will be taught and/or reinforced on basic mathematics skills. Students will apply these skills to real world problems.

CONSUMER MATH - 1 or 2 CREDITS - 11, 12  - Students who have completed Algebra II may not enroll in Consumer Math; they may take Topics of Math and or Probability and Statistics. Topics addressed are related to the Iowa Core 21st Century Skills including hourly wages, salary, net pay, cash purchases, checking accounts, savings accounts, charge accounts, loans, owning an automobile, modes of transportation, leisure and recreation, buying a house, housing cost, energy, home budgeting, taxes, insurance, investments, and economics. A calculator is required. 

COLLEGE MATH READINESS - 1 CREDIT - 12 Prerequisites: Algebra II, Teacher/Counselor approval, ALEKS score below 30 - This class is for seniors who are not planning on going into a STEM program, or a program that requires Calculus.  It is to help students study the areas identified as weak by the ALEKS exam.  The students will work through the material and retake the ALEKS test.  This class is not for students going into a STEM career, those students are better served by going on to Pre-Calculus and Calculus.

ICCC STATISTICS (MAT-157) - 1 HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT AND 4 SEMESTER HOURS COLLEGE CREDIT - 11, 12  NCAA APPROVED  Student must have scored at the minimum placement level on the ALEKS.  Required: scientific calculator is required.  - This is the first course in basic probability and statistics which includes the study of frequency distributions, measures of central tendency and dispersion, elements of statistical inference, regression and correlation.

ICCC CALCULUS I (MAT-210) - 1 HIGH SCHOOL CREDITS AND 4 SEMESTER HOURS COLLEGE CREDIT - 11, 12  NCAA APPROVED   Student must have scored at the minimum placement level on the ALEKS  - Calculus is for those students who have successfully completed the Pre-Calculus Mathematics course. Topics included in this course are limits, rate of change of a function, derivatives, and applications of derivatives, integration and applications of integration. A thorough study of the calculus that applies to trigonometry, logarithmic, and exponential functions is also included. A graphing calculator is required.

ICCC CALCULUS II (MAT-216) - 1 HIGH SCHOOL CREDIT AND 4 SEMESTER HOURS COLLEGE CREDIT - 11, 12  NCAA APPROVED  Prerequisite: Passed College Calculus I and scored at the minimum placement level on the ALEKS.  Required: a graphing calculator is required.  - This is the second course in the Calculus sequence. It includes the study of techniques and applications of integration, infinite series, polar equations and graphs, and vectors in two and three dimensions.

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