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Eligibility: if you will graduate from a U.S. high school this spring and enroll in college this coming fall, the requirements are simple. An entering freshman must:

  • Be a graduate of an accredited high school or be accepted as a regular student in good standing as defined by the enrolling institution AND
  • Meet two of the three following requirements. If as an entering freshman you do not meet at least two of the three standards you cannot participate in athletics for the first full year of attendance (2 semesters, 3 quarters, or equivalent)
    • Test Score Requirement: effective May 25, 2016, the NAIA has revised its SAT score standards for initial eligibility. New SAT score equivalency has prompted change to 940 and creation of an exception for affected students seeking to compete for the first time in 2016-17. An evaluation of impact on ACT scores is underway. 
    • High School GRA Requirement: achieve a minimum overall high school grade point average of 2.0 on a 4.0 scale. The NAIA accepts the grade point average determined by the high school, provided it is recorded and awarded in the same manner as for every other student at the school.
    • Class Rank Requirement: graduate in the top half of your class. If a student's class rank does not appear on the transcript, a signed letter from the principal, vice-principal or school counselor written on the school's letterhead and with the school's official seal, stating the student's final class rank position or percent may be used.

What if I didn't attend a U.S. high school?  The criteria for alternative high school experiences and those outside of the U.S. are determined as follows:

GED Students must meet 2 of the 3

  • Test Score Requirement
  • High School GPA Requirement - GED students are recognized as having me the GPA requirement
  • Class Rank Requirment - not applicable

If a home schooled student completes a home schooling program conducted in accordance with the laws of the student's state of residence, but does not meet the test score requirement, a home school waiver.

Students with diagnosed learning disabilities, who do not meet the freshman eligibility requirements, may have their academic profiles reviewed by the NAIA National Eligibility Committee at the request of an NAIA institution.

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