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This catalog is prepared to help you plan an educational program to best fit your future needs.  No course we offer in any department is for one specific gender (sex) or one specific culture (minority or majority).  We strongly encourage students to consider non-traditional courses when planning their schedules.

Since a wide choice of electives is available, it becomes very important to evaluate the courses you are considering not only in relation to your interests and abilities but also in relation to your future vocational plans.  Careful and thoughtful registration eliminates many problems for you and the school when the year begins.  If we determine from the registration that some courses are so limited in enrollment that they cannot be economically taught, they will be dropped and you will be asked to choose another course.

We urge you to read all of the material before listing any courses on the registration sheets.  These suggestions may help you make more efficient use of these materials.

  1. Check the requirements for graduation listed in this section of the booklet.

  2. Grade point, credits, and prerequisites are among the terms defined in this book.  An understanding of these words will be helpful for all students to use in checking their progress in high school.

  3. Summary paragraphs of all courses are designed to help you understand what is taught in each class.  Previous requirements and grade level requirements are also listed.  You are encouraged to examine those of interest.

  4. Select courses in light of your specific needs.  In most cases, you will have a well-rounded education if you include a variety of elective courses in addition to the required courses.

It is our intent that courses listed in the registration be considered as final as possible.  Some schedule changes may be considered at a later date, particularly if it is determined necessary to facilitate the scheduling process.

It is important that you make decisions that will help you to achieve future goals.  Careful use of all available information helps to assure wise decisions.  If you have further questions or wish more complete information, consult your school counselors.

Also, students as you begin planning for the next school year, we would like to remind you of the services offered through the School Counseling Center. One aspect of counseling services is to assist you in making the best possible use of opportunities, curricular and extra-curricular, available to you at Fort Dodge Senior High. This means planning the best course of study for you while helping you gather information and develop your skills in making career and post high school educational plans.

You will be assigned to a school counselor who will work with you throughout high school. You are welcome to come in to see your school counselor before or after school, or at a time when you have a pass signed by both your teacher and your school counselor.  We encourage you to become acquainted with your school counselor and the services available through the Counseling Center. As school counselors, we look forward to knowing you and helping you to have a valuable and enjoyable high school experience. 


The FDSH School Counseling Staff

Mrs. Sydney Beck - Freshman Counselor

Mrs. Jolene Hays - 10-12th Grade Counselor for Students with Last Names A-G

Mr. Scott Timmerman - 10-12th Grade Counselor for Students with Last Names H-O

Ms. Trista Wuebker - 10-12th Grade Counselor for Students with Last Names P-Z


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