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Synopsis of the Graduation Requirements

I.     Credits required: A minimum of 48 credits is required for graduation.

II.    Courses required: In order to meet the 48 credit minimum requirement, the following courses are required for graduation.

       In order to ensure our students have the essential skills and concepts outlined in the Iowa Core Curriculum the following graduation requirements have been established:


        A.     Physical Education – four credits, one each in grades 9 – 12.

        B.     Health – one credit.

        C.     Financial Literacy - Personal Finance - one credit

        D.     Science – six credits (must include successful completion of two semesters of Integrated Science and two semesters of Biology or their equivalents).

        E.     Mathematics – six credits (must include successfully completing Algebra and Geometry or their equivalents).

        F.     World Studies - two credits

        G.     American History - two credits

        H.     English - eight credits (must include successful completion English 9, English 10, one semester of a composition course, a semester of a literature course, one semester of a                   communication course, and one additional English elective).

        I.      Behavioral Social Science - one credit.

        J.     Government - one credit



In order to graduate from FDSH students must earn 48 credits including specific credits in Mathematics, Science, English, American Government, American History, World Studies, Physical Education, Health, and Personal Finance.  A student may apply for graduation once he or she has fulfilled all requirements.

Transfer students in good standing at their previous school must assume the requirements at Fort Dodge Senior High School effective at the time of their transfer.  In order to receive a diploma from Fort Dodge Senior High, a student must complete a minimum of six credits of class work at FDSH. No limit has been placed on the number of credits that a student can earn from a department.  

An alternative education program may include but not be limited to online and competency-based courses, home schooling, and learning centers. Credits earned at an alternative education program will be evaluated by the student's counselor and recommended for approval/denial to the Director of Educational Services and the high school principal. Evaluation considerations will be made based on documentation of student performance or achievement, resource materials and activities used in instruction.

Students who have not successfully completed all requirements for graduation from FDSH, or have had disciplinary consequences, or outstanding fees/fines, will not be allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies.

The high school principal and the superintendent of school will evaluate all exceptional or unusual circumstances concerning graduation.

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