Fort Dodge Community School District

Job Opportunities

As you use this guide, keep these things in mind:

  1. Select several occupation fields in which you are interested.

  2. Notice that many courses are important to practically all occupations.  If you plan wisely, you can change or modify your occupational objectives without losing the value of the courses you have taken.

  3. Select a course in light of your specific needs.  In most cases, you will have a well-rounded education if you include a variety of elective courses.

  4. Evaluate the course you should take not only in relation to occupational objectives, but also in relation to your interests, abilities, and past performance.

  5. Study the course descriptions so you will fully understand what the course is about and what will be expected of you.

  6. Be ready to sit down with your school counselor and plan your high school program.

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