Fort Dodge Community School District

Important Information for Juniors  

Transcripts = Post secondary institutions would like students to wait until after their 6th semester in high school (junior year) to send transcripts. You may obtain a transcript by requesting it in the counseling office.  A parental signature is required if you are under 18.  If you are 18, you may sign the form.

College Representatives = A large number of colleges send Admission Representatives to visit.  If you have an interest in a college, please take advantage of these visits by planning to visit with the representatives.  You can get a pass in the counseling office.

College Entrance Tests = If you are planning to go to a 4 year college, you need to take a college entrance test.  You can either take the ACT or SAT 1. The ACT is the most widely accepted entrance exam.  You can get registration material in the counseling office. 


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