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College Entrance Tests

If planning to attend or take Iowa Central classes while in high school, students need to take the ALEKS test and Accuplacer test.  These tests can be arranged in the counseling office.

Please click this link for the placement chart

If you are planning to attend a 4 year college, you need to take a college entrance test.  You can either take the ACT or SAT. The ACT is the most widely accepted entrance exam.  You can get registration material in the counseling office. Upcoming test dates are listed below.

Testing Dates

Test Test Date Registration Deadline Late Registration Period** Location
SAT 10/1/2022     FDSH
ACT 10/22/2022 9/16/22  


SAT 11/5/2022     FDSH
SAT 12/3/2022     FDSH
ACT 12/10/2022 11/4/2022   FDSH
ACT 2/11/2023 1/6/2023   FDSH
SAT 3/11/2023     FDSH
ACT 4/15/2023 3/10/2023   FDSH
SAT 5/6/2023     FDSH
SAT 6/3/2023     FDSH
ACT 6/10/2023 5/5/2023   FDSH

Study Help for the Tests

ACT practice questions and strategies (opens new window)

ASVAB practice test app for iPads and iPhones

Math Practice for ACT

ACT Profile provides another means to explore student strengths and interests in regards to careers, colleges, and major interests. Students create their own account and then explore (opens new window)

For More Information

ACT (opens new window)

SAT (opens new window)


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