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In order to emphasize the importance of attendance, a policy has been adopted that states students are allowed to miss six periods of any course during each Trimester. After the seventh absence occurs in a course the student will be required to restore the absences through one of the following methods.

A. The preferred process is for the student to deal with an absence from school by meeting with their classroom teachers. These meetings should occur prior to a planned absence or immediately following an unplanned absence. In order for a student to ensure they are credited for restoring this absence, they will need to work with the teacher to make up work and time missed. Once they have met the teacher’s expectations an absence slip found at the attendance office must be signed by their teacher and returned to the attendance office.

B. In the event that the student is not able to make up the time with their teacher or in the event of unexcused absences, and the teacher can not conveniently meet with the student, the student may make up the time required to clear an absence by engaging in academic work before school, after school during 7th Block or through attending Saturday School. Although Saturday School is deemed by some to be punitive, that is not its purpose. Students are provided breakfast, may listen to music, talk quietly and are provided academic assistance if they need it. Saturday School is also available to students who have not been affected by the attendance policy, but merely desire an opportunity to receive academic assistance, access school computers, or just a quiet area to study. Once a term has ended, students will be allowed two weeks in which to use these first two options to restore absences.

C. After the second week of a new Trimester, students will be required to complete a credit restoration project. These may be obtained from the the Main Office.

Educational experiences sometimes outweigh the problems associated with absence from school. School sponsored absences (i.e. academic or athletic competitions, field trips) are not counted as absences; however, students are required to make up assigned/missed work.

More detailed information regarding attendance may be found in the FDSH Student Handbook

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