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In the Fort Dodge Freshman Academy, failure is not an option for any of our students. Our teachers are dedicated to assisting students in becoming problem-solvers and self-advocates. We challenge our students to reach their full academic and social potential through pursuing excellence, showing respect, embracing learning, accepting responsibility, displaying integrity and appreciating diversity.

The Fort Dodge Senior High Freshman Academy will work in partnership with parents, teachers and community members to provide an environment focused on academics, social development and successful transitions to high school.

Things to know:

  • Core classes located in the north hallway of the newly renovated classrooms
  • Reading skills integrated within core courses
  • Study skills integrated within core courses
  • Common academic/behavior expectations
  • Career/post-secondary planning including a 4-year plan
  • Increased parent engagement/communication
  • After school tutorial/homework completion assistance
  • Flipped classrooms - learn for homework, application at school
  • Dedicated core instructors, administrator, counselor, dean and at-risk staff

Freshman Academy staff members in the common space

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