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Constable, Todd

Todd Constable

Fort Dodge Senior High School
819 N. 25th St.
Fort Dodge, IA  50501
Phone: 515-955-1770
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American Conflicts

American History

American History emphasizes history from the end of the Civil War period (around 1877) to the present. The major themes include: The American People, the development of American democracy, Industrialized America, American foreign policy and recent American history.


Sociology is a study of human groups and behavior. Students will investigate human relationships, their causes and consequences. Topics will include culture/variations, social structure, socialization, groups and formal organizations, the organization of society, and selected social problems (e.g. crime, deviance, and prison systems).

Understanding Social Systems

Understanding Social Systems will focus on the integrated study of social sciences in order to understand life in the United States. Students will develop the ability to make informed and reasoned decisions as productive citizens of a culturally diverse, democratic society. Topics addressed may include increasing the understanding of society and the influences upon individual and group decisions, beliefs and individual rights and responsibilities. Topics addressed will be studied through multiple lenses that may include economics, geography, history, political science/civic literacy, and the behavioral sciences.

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