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Chapter 1

Introduce Arithmetic and Geometric recursive sequences
How to write the common ration in order to represent percent growth with a geometric sequence.
Using a geometric sequence to model compound interest problems
example problems, writing the recursive formula given a sequence
example story problems solved by writing the recursive formula of a geometric sequence
Define long term value and shifted geometric sequences. Show how to find a long term value from a recursive formula.
example problems, one given a recursive formula and one story problem.
Finish Investigation, How to find the Long Term Value
Story Problem Example of Compound Interest
Introducing Percent Growth and Decay (Dec 6)

Unit 2 (Chapter 3)

Introduction, connecting sequences to Linear equations
The basic relation between the recursive formula and the explicit formula
When you are not given the u(0) term
Starting with a data set - write the equation of a line of fit
First page of Numb3rs Activity
First page of Numb3rs activity
Definition of a residual

Unit 3 (Chapter 4)

Absolute Value, Quadratic and Square Root
Examples of finding the Domain and Range of a relation
Examples finding values using function notation
Power Point Slides defining Domain, Range, Relation and Function. Examples
define translation of a function. Examples with function notation, graphs and equations
Section 4.4 quadratics and translations
Reflections and Examples with square roots
A summary of all three transformations with a couple of examples
Characteristics of the Absolute Value Family and examples of dilations with this family
Characteristics of the Square Root Family and examples of reflections with this family

Unit 4 - Linear Systems

Chapters 3 and 6 Linear Systems
Examples of solving systems of linear equations using the substitution method.
examples of solving systems of linear equations using the elimination system
Solving Inequalities in one variable. Graphing Inequalities on a number line and the co-ordinate Plane

Unit 5 - Exponential Functions

Assignments for units 5 and 6
Includes units 5 and 6
Explicit form of a Geometric sequence and Point-Ration Form
Examples of simplifying expressions using the properties of exponents
Solving Equations using the properties of exponents
More examples and power functions. (12/6)
define nth roots. Writing an exponential equaiton
Switching between radical and exponential form. Writing radicals in simplest radical form.
Story problems involving exponential functions.

Unit 7 Quadratics

Polynomial vocabulary and Method of Finite Differences
Using finite differences to find the degree of a polynomial and using the TI84 to find the equation.
Using Vertex and Factored form
Changing form General to Vertex form
finding the degree and equation of a polynomial by looking at the graph
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