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2012-2013 FDSH Color Guard

Colorguard, a prot or an art?  Actually it is a combination of the two.  Due to the fact that colorguard may be included in the next Olympics as a sport, the art/sport is gaining popularity.

This year's FDSH Colorguard performed with the FDSH band for half-times at home football games, the North Central Iowa Band Competition, and at the Iowa High School Dance Championships.  This year's Colorguard performed with the band to recieve a Division I performance at the Iowa High School State Marching Band Championships and a high Division II at the Iowa HIgh School Dance Championships in Des Moines, which will be an annual event.

The Colorguard experience itself is like no other.  The performers have to learn to break down walls, and open themselves to criticism which will help improve their talent.  Physical tolerance is needed to put together running, dancing and equipment work at the same time. 

Colorguard is much more than work and intense competition.  It is closeness between young people that cannot be described.  It is doing your best and knowing you have your very own group of "fans" who will always encourage and support you, whether you win or lose. 


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