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FDSH Pep Band

The entire band is split equally into 2 pep bands--Pep Band A and Pep Band B. Each band student has been assigned to a pep band and each pep band is in charge of performing at 3 Varsity Girls/Boys double-headers. The students are encouraged to play at all of the games and many do. The students find this to be an enjoyable part of the band program and they are able to get into the games for free! If a student cannot make a particular pep band date work, they need to find a student in the other pep band that plays the SAME instrument to switch evenings with them. Everyone needs to plan ahead so we are ensured a great sounding band at every game. Attendance will be taken to make sure everyone does their fair share.


On the evening of pep band, the students need to be in the band room ready to play by 5:30 p.m. The band will do a short rehearsal and then head to the gym so they are ready to play before the Varsity Girls game which starts at 6:15 p.m. The band plays during time-outs, quarter breaks, and halftime of both games, as well as in-between the girls and boys games. The students get a break during the 3rd quarter of each game. The band stays until the end of the boy’s game, and once the equipment is in the band room, the students are free to go. Students that are involved in the game as a player or cheerleader are encouraged to join the band as often as they can.

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