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What is it? How do you get in?


Both juniors and seniors who have a GPA of 3.5 or higher are eligible for consideration for NHS membership.


After the January 1st,  the selection process begins. Eligible students are notified and asked to submit a list of their activities, leadership activities, work experience, recognitions, and awards, both in and out of school. 


All faculty members are asked to rate each candidate on the basis of character, leadership, and service. These ratings are tallied and averaged for each candidate in each of the areas.


A faculty committee of 15 members (not including the principal) meets to discuss the candidates, reviews all the information, and makes the selections. There is no set percentage of students that are selected. Acceptance is based on preset criteria. We are very fortunate to have 15 members who wish to be a part of this process. Nearly every department of the school is represented, and that helps validate our decisions. Five of the members are randomly selected to be voting members. 


We take our task very seriously. For many students, acceptance into NHS is a major accomplishment. There are always many qualified individuals considered, and it is important that those selected meet high standards. There are many good students that are close to the acceptance point, and are not selected. Acceptance into NHS is not a predictor of future success, and non-acceptance is not a predictor of future failure.


It is not possible to make selections that please everyone, either all of the faculty or all of the students. We try hard to do the best we can. The final list has not been assembled by any 1 teacher. It is a group project. Induction of new members is held in early April.


Before students are inducted, they and their parents must sign a good conduct form. This good conduct form specifies higher standards than those of the general student body. Members are expected to continue the good scholarship, service, character, and leadership that they exhibited prior to their selection. This expectation continues till graduation. 


NHS members are involved in various service projects throughout the school year. Early in the school year, we sponsor a picnic for the foreign exchange students. During December and March of each year, we sponsor a blood drive at FDSH. Each drive produces many new donors and over 100 pints of donated blood. During November, NHS members ring bells for the Salvation Army. Other service projects are conducted throughout the year, depending on the interests of the members.



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