Fort Dodge Community School District - Fort Dodge Iowa

FDSH students learned about the 1st Amendment Freedom of Speech and Press from Mary Beth Tinker whose Supreme Court case helped provide these rights to students

Mayor Bemrich, students and staff recognized the Foster Grandmas at Butler Elementary for their work with the children on the Mayor's National Day of Service.

FDSH students competed at the Iowa FCCLA State Leadership Conference receiving 3 gold medals and 2 silver.

Future Dodgers use Legos to show they can make patterns during Kindergarten Roundup

Members of the Board of Education have been visiting schools to see and hear first-hand the learning that is taking place in our schools

Cooper students participate in Musical Art (similar to musical chairs).  They start drawing and each time the music stops they find another picture to add to.

Congratulations to Bryce Rogers and Spencer Lee on receiving the annual FDSH Outstanding Science and Math Student Awards

Cooper kindergarteners finish up their unit on community by dressing as and talking about the community job they want to have when they grow up

Members of the FDSH National Honor Society participated in the annual induction ceremony

Click on the image above to learn more about the upcoming substitute authorization course

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