Fort Dodge Community School District - Fort Dodge Iowa
2nd graders from Cooper Elementary visited Riverside ELC to read to preschool students

Preschool students at Riverside ELC each received their own book to keep after Cooper Elementary 2nd grade students read to them

Kindergarten students at Cooper Elementary shared their career aspirations through a program that wrapped up their unit on community

FDMS 8th graders won four of the top five spots in the Sertoma's "What Freedom Means to Me" essay contest

The Dodger Dance team wrapped up a great season with great performances at ICCC's Curtain Call show

Feelhaver students perform during the "What's the Weather" spring concert

The Fort Dodge Fine Arts Association provided the opportunity for students from FDSH and St. Eds to participate in a workshop with the members of the Doo Wop Project 

Students at Duncombe Elementary enjoy some free reading time during class

Butler Elementary students wrote about what brings joy to their lives for a "Joy of Writing" contest and celebrated those selected for ribbons

Students enjoy reading while riding stationary bikes as part of the Fitness Fluency program at Dodger Academy

Cooper Elementary 3rd graders conduct experiments to learn about the surface tension of water by seeing how many drops of water, soapy water and salty water will stay on a penny

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