Fort Dodge Community School District - Fort Dodge Iowa

Preschool students at Riverside ELC begin their day by reading, writing their name and working with the letter of the week

1st and 2nd grade students at Feelhaver work collaboratively on a STEM project to design and build a bridge strong enough to hold a cup of pennies

FDSH physics students visited the National Advanced Driving Simulatorand the Optical Science and Technology Center that specializes in nanotechnology at the University of Iowa

FDMS 7th and 8th grade students put on an outstanding performance of this year's musical, "Cinderella"

First graders at Cooper Elementary work on their literacy skills during one of their Next Steps in Guided Reading stations

The Cat in the Hat visited the Duncombe Elementary reading room to help the students celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday

Kindergarten students at Butler Elementary celebrate the birthday of Dr. Seuss during Read Across America Week

FDSH students taking Drama 1 presented their plays to students at Cooper Elementary as an opportunity to perform before a live audience

Feelhaver 4th grade students in Ms. Angstrom's class show off their final projects created during an art session with staff from the Blanden Memorial Art Museum

In honor of President's Day, Butler 1st graders made "Washington Wigs" and presented nonfiction facts to practice reading fluently

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