Fort Dodge Community School District
Independent Reading

Butler Elementary students enjoy independent reading which gives them the chance to read something that interests them as part of their literacy lesson

Making Music

FDSH choir members work on learning new music as the school year begins

Littlest Learners

Preschool students at Riverside ELC identify their names on a board on the first day of classes

2019 Homecoming Court

Congratulations to the 2019 FDSH Homecoming Court. Coronation is at 1:45 pm September 13.

Morning Meeting

Duncombe 1st graders start their day with Morning Meeting where they greet each other, complete an activity and read a message from their teacher

Class Story

Cooper Elementary 1st graders build literacy skills by listening to their teacher read a story to the class

Science Experiment

FDMS 8th grade students work together to determine if and how the ropes are hooked together inside the tube during a science experiment

Math Games

Feelhaver 3rd graders play various math games to build number sense

First Day Fun

TK students at Riverside ELC start their day sorting dinosaurs - some by color and others by type of dinosaur. 


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