Fort Dodge Community School District

All FD Schools will start 2 hours late Friday, January 21

Sharing with Families

Butler 4th graders share their Choose Your Own Adventure stories with family members

Learning through Labs

FDSH Chemistry students conduct a lab to determine the density of various objects

Winter Sports

Winter sports seasons are underway at FDMS and FDSH - get out and support our Dodgers!

Learning Letters

Kindergarten students practice writing letters as part of thier literacy lessons

New Books

1st graders at Feelhaver (and all elementary schools) each received a new book from CJ Bio America

Job Offer

3rd grade students at Duncombe surprised their student teacher with a job offer for a position at the ECC

Reading Buddies

Cooper 5th and 2nd grade students enjoy and improve their literacy skills during their Reading Buddies time

Winter Concerts

Students at Butler and elementary schools around the District performed outstanding winter concerts

Concert Preparation

Members of the FDSH Fortis Chorum group worked hard to prepare for the winter concert

Hard at Work

FDMS students work on completing an assignment in science class

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