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Math Matching Game

TK students at Riverside ELC play a matching game to help build their number sense and math skills

Completing Research

Butler Elementary 4th graders work on researching animal defense mechanisms for reports they are writing


Cooper Elementary 4th graders conduct a science lesson about erosion and then journal their observations

Buildings and Trades

The Fort Dodge Kennel Club presented the FDSH Industrial Technology department with a finishing nailer and students with tool belts as a thank you for their classes constructing a storage building

Making Music

FDMS 5th grade band students are socially distanced for practice during class

Hispanic Heritage

Duncombe Elementary 3rd graders completed Ofrenda projects as part of their celebration of National Hispanic Heritage Month

Math Test

Feelhaver Elementary 1st graders concentrate during a math test

Partner Work

English 10 students at FDSH work in pairs to complete an activity


TK students at Riverside ELC practice their skills by counting the buzz slips they've received

Reading Together

FDMS 8th grade students read along quietly as the teacher reads aloud to the group

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