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Making Music

Duncombe Elementary 4th graders enjoy playing various drums to an Irish song during music class

Determining Word Endings

2nd graders at Cooper Elementary work to distinguish between -ch and -tch as word endings during a literacy lesson

Can Jam

FDSH students enjoy playing Can Jam during PE recently

Science Experiment

FDMS 6th graders conduct an experiment to see how variables like aluminum foil around a cup or light shining on the cup impact the boiling point of the water inside it

Snow Volcanoes

Students loved the eruption of their snow volcanoes in the outdoor classroom at Riverside Early Learning Center

Addition to 10

Feelhaver 1st graders play a card game to work on the addition to 10 skills and strategies during a math lesson

Remembering Lennie Small

After reading "Of Mice and Men", FDSH students in Honors 10 English wrote, planned and held a funeral including a poem, songs, speakers and eulogy for Lennie Small

5th Grade Math

FDMS 5th grade students work on various math problems written on the whiteboard tables in their classroom

Snap or Trap

Cooper Elementary 2nd graders work on identifying words as "snap" (sounds like it's spelled) or "trap" (doesn't sound like it's spelled) during a literacy lesson

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